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What is Tekmetric Used For?

Tekmetric is one of the best shop management software for automotive shops. It is fast and easy to use and has a great value for money. This means it provides many basic and complex features for maximum utilization.

Suppose you are looking for shop management software to incorporate into your business. In that case, there are many reasons why you should go for Tekmetric. Check out everything you need to know about Tekmetric below.

How it Works

Tekmetric is a cloud-based service used for shop management. It allows auto shop owners and automotive professionals to easily manage inventory, perform digital inspections, track jobs, build repair orders, and easily communicate with clients and employees.

You need to go to the Tekmetric official site and create an account if you haven’t already. If you have an account, just hit the log-in button at the top-right corner of the site, input your Tekmetric log-in details, and purchase the subscription. As soon as you get a confirmation notification, you are free to get started with the software and enjoy all the perks that come with it.

Tekmetric Pricing

There are three different pricing levels for Tekmetric users. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free starting version as many would expect. If you want to use the service, you have to purchase a subscription of your choice. You can always start with the least expensive.

The first pricing level is referred to as “Start.” It goes for $99 per month. The second level is called “Grow” and charged at $299, and the third pricing level is called “Scale” and goes for $399 per month.

Different features create different prices. With “Scale,” you are sure to get all the features from “Start” and “Grow,” plus more advanced features. This doesn’t mean that “Start” isn’t good enough. It still has many useful features. When you first start with the software, start with “Start.” If you like it, scale as your business grows and advances.

Tekmetric Features

Some features you will find with Tekmetric includes;

  • Inventory management

  • Order management

  • Reporting and statistics

  • Activity dashboard

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Multi-locations

  • Third-Party integration

Advantages of Using Tekmetric

There are many reasons to use auto shop management software for auto shop owners and managers. Some advantages of Tekmetric include;

  • Using automated features to improve productivity and save time, energy, and resources

  • Better and effective communication between clients and professionals

  • Has provided a great platform for employees to interact and work efficiently, such as in task management

  • Improved customer service and customer experience

  • Easy appointment scheduling

  • Retrieve reports and analyses fast and easily


There are many shop management software that auto shop managers and owners can go to. Tekmetric is just but one of the best there are in the market. When choosing one to work with, you only need to be satisfied with the features and functionality and be comfortable with the price you have to pay for it. The good thing is that you can always cancel your subscription if you don’t like the service.