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The limitations of player analysis in football

There are so many sports analysis organizations and experts that it is very possible to be caught up in all the analyses that are available out there. However, what you need to know is that these analytics come with so many limitations and shortcomings that you must know about if you are to use the data they provide to your benefit.

If you are a fan of sports analysis of individual players, it is important to understand that analyzing the full potential and capability of an individual player can be a hard feat to achieve. There is just too much data that is involved that needs to be analyzed to a very high level of specificity that it is simply not possible to do. The stats you see around on the internet miss out on so many aspects of individual athletes that they just sound shallow and look stupid. In this article I will be providing some proof and reasons to back my claim so that you understand what I mean by saying that.

Player stats simply can’t cover the speed of players

This is a very true statement looking at the way that player analysis is done. There are just so much that cannot be covered by the analyses you see around that sports experts and performance analysis organizations won’t tell you about. For starters, player stats cannot tell you how fast a player really is. Most aggregate stats that fill the internet do not have access to the kind of data that is necessary to analyze the exact performance of a player in real conditions. This kind of data is usually hard to obtain and if you can gain access to it, you will have to pay a fortune to have it. That is why not every sports performance analysis organization cannot afford to have it.

Besides speed, the analyses you see around are also not capable of analyzing the strength of individual players.

Player stats simply can’t cover the wit of players

The performance of a team is usually dependent on the performance of individual players in a game. If each player is playing at their best, the team is likely to win as a whole. The performance of individual players depends on many factors and one of them is the level of intelligence of the player. I am not talking about intellectual intelligence or school-related wit. The level of intelligence of people usually varies depending on the situation you are using to measure intelligence. Sports intelligence is equal to creativity and this can always change any time. This is why it is not possible to actually measure how smart a player is and that is why player stats cannot be relied upon in this regard.

Final words

The amount of work a player chooses to put in a game will always vary with several factors such as motivation, injuries, and personal affairs among others. This makes it hard to actually gauge the full potential of a player unless you have access to superdata, which can be very expensive to achieve. That makes วิเคราะห์บอล unreliable depending on the source.