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Printed Boxes with Flexography Are Very Effective in Promoting Brand Awareness

If you were to discuss the definition of custom printed boxes then they could be loosely defined as simple, fully customized, off-the-shelf boxes with some good quality offset printing upon them. The main distinct difference between these and standard blank boxes is their usage of off-set printing. They can be used for different purposes such as packing products, shipping goods, collecting mail etc. And most importantly, they have immense benefits over standard boxes, for instance: – they are far more cost effective, light weight, bio-degradable, recyclable and last longer. Boxes can also be customized in terms of shape and size and can thus be used for promotional purposes, etc.

Offset printing is a form of electronic digital printing in which an image (or a pattern) is generated on paper and then this image is applied to some sort of specially cut and formed material that can be used to print a surface on. As the name suggests, offset printed boxes can be used for various purposes. A good example of off-set packaging is custom printed cardboard boxes which are extensively used for product packaging. They are specifically designed and created for a single purpose and can carry various products without damaging their quality in any way.

Here we are talking about custom packaging with any type of vivid and detailed flexography on them, so-to-speak. The basic idea behind flexographic printing is to make the box practically indestructible so that it can carry heavy loads over long distances with no damage to the product inside. Flexographic printing on printed boxes thus offers maximum value for money. The flexographic process uses dye sublimation to heat up the ink in the box so that it glows when it comes into contact with the box material. Thus, by using this technology, manufacturers can create boxes that are extremely strong and durable as well as attract maximum attention from their customers.

For example, off-set flexographic printing on printed boxes can make products as small as a toy car look very big, simply because of the illusion created using the technique. The reason why this happens is that flexography makes sharp edges between the material and the printed image impossible to see. This way, the visual effect of the packaging remains intact even after several years of use, which means that the consumer will always get the impression that the product in the packaging was opened and used, with no additional efforts required on the part of the buyer.

Offset printing has been used for decades now and its benefits cannot be underestimated. Not only does it create beautiful custom packaging for individual or even corporate products, but also it has a significant impact on brand awareness. In simple terms, offset printing is one of the main reasons why consumers perceive certain brands as better than others. If a company’s logo has a striking design that catches the eye of the consumer instantly, then you can rest assured that the company’s overall brand awareness will shoot up dramatically, especially if that particular brand is a household name.

You can easily get amazing customized printed packaging boxes using flexographic printing technology at prices that are much lower than you would get them in the market. It is not just about price, but the quality of the prints as well. The process involves high-quality, first-class images that are printed on high-resolution polyester papers with extreme clarity. The end result will be very appealing to all your customers and it will help you gain more business every single day.