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Online casino games are casino games played via the Internet. The introduction of casino games to the internet largely increased the popularity of these games. An example of this is the poker game. The introduction of poker to the internet increased the players of the game by a very high percentage. The revenue gotten from the game experienced increment by a very large gap. The popularity of the game was colossally affected by the virtual world of casino.

Casino sitesoffer online casino games which can be accessed easily via the official website. The games are supported by iOS or Android systems. Any device which has access to the internet can be used to play these games including smart phones and laptops. Examples of casino games include บาคาร่าออนไลน์, poker, blackjack etc.

Forms of online casino games

Live casino games

These are games played with the presence of a live operator. The live operator is usually situated at a physical casino or a studio set to look like a casino. The games are generally more expensive than regular online casino games. This is because of the use of high cost video devices and hire of tech support for the effective audio-visual relay of the live action results made by the live operator. Live actions such as the roll of dice, dealing of cards and spinning of wheels are performed by the live operator. These games are very fitting for players who wish to have a feel of a physical casino from the comfort of their individual space. These players tend to trust the actions of the operator since they can see the play out of the actions that bring about outcomes.

Virtual casino games

These are games which depend on the use of random generators to generate random streams of numbers. These numbers represent the outcome of supposed actions of the games. Some players, however, feel uncomfortable relating with a virtual operator as they are unable to completely rely on the precision of the generator. External auditors are employed for this purpose. They are hired to scrutinize the software of online casinos. This prevents the casino owners from releasing shady results via the random generator. The players are able to trust the online casinos if the casinos are being audited.

Games played at an online casino include:


This is a wheel game dependent on chance. The wheel is spun to accelerate the ball. The ball eventually loses momentum and lands on a particular colored number. The numbers could be colored red or black (green for the number 0). The numbers could number up to 36 or 37 in value depending on the type of wheel being used. The French or European roulette wheel consists of 37 numbers inclusive of a zero. On the other hand, the American roulette wheel consists of 38 numbers inclusive of the numbers 0 and 00. Bets are placed on the possibility of the ball landing on a certain color; a specific number; a range of certain numbers; even or odd numbers; high or low numbers.