How to fix problem with prepaidgift balance

How to fix problem with prepaidgift balance

If you are in possession of any prepaid cards, you will need to have a trustworthy and reliable portal like prepaidgiftbalance. Such portal will help you check your prepaid gift balance very easily without stress. By signing up with the portal, you get access to all the information concerning your cards. People prefer using the prepaidgiftbalance portal because the method of logging into the account is very easy and straightforward. The only time people have or experience any difficulty logging into the portal is when they try to access it from another state. As we all know that the portal is only for residents of USA.

If you’re experiencing any difficulties logging into the portal, we are going to give you some information on how to fix some of these problems yourself.

Fixing logging in problems

If you want to check prepaidgiftbalance, you must first register yourself on your chosen website. Below are some of the easy steps you will be required to follow.

  • Make use of a smart phone, laptop or PC that has a strong and steady internet connection. Visit the prepaidgiftbalance website to be able to register.
  • After you have opened the website, as a first time visitor you will need to fill your 16 digit card number. This is usually located at the front of your card. After you have imputed the 16 digit number, proceed to press continue.
  • You will be asked to wait for a few seconds so the system can verify your card details. After this process is completed (bear in mind that this may take a while depending on your bank) you can now proceed to login

To avoid entering any problems and totally wasting your time, make sure that you input your card details properly. Always go through it a second time before pressing continue for verification to occur. Also, imputing the wrong information can end up frustrating your life.  Also, take out time to make sure your prepaidcard doesn’t have any know issues or hidden issues. You wouldn’t want your card getting declined when you want to order something online would you? I guess not.

Set up your personal identification number

This pin comes originally with your card package. However it is wise that you change this to something more private and only you have access to except you trust a few others with your pin. You can carry out a pin reset by calling the too-free number of the card issuer.

Refunding problems

It is important that you know that the refund policy differs in merchants. You may get full refund with some merchants while some others you get partial payment. If you have talked with the merchant and agreed on a particular amount to be refunded, and you still have not received your money in about 5-6 working days, please visit the activity page of a prepaid card to be sure of the availability of the refunded amount.