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Essential Skills to Become A Successful Phlebotomist – Know What Are They

The main role of a phlebotomist is drawing blood from the patients for many purposes like research, donating blood, or medical testing. A phlebotomist not only requires technical skills, but also soft skills. In addition to these, they have to perform other duties such as gathering equipment, labeling blood, and recording information about the patients.

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Here is a list of few skills that helps you in becoming a successful phlebotomist.

Excellent motor skills

To draw blood you have to handle the equipment in right position and draw the blood quickly without causing much stress to the patient. For this, you need practice and don’t panic while drawing blood.

Communication skills

Most of the companies hire employees who are good at communication skills. In healthcare industry, you also need good listening and communicating skills along with technical skill. This helps you to listen to the patient’s apprehension and in providing necessary care for them.


Almost all the patients don’t like needles. It is very difficult in case of kids because they don’t even know the reason for drawing blood. To work as a phlebotomist you need sturdy interpersonal skills so that you can able to explain everything to the patients clearly and motivate the scary and nervous patients.

Working under pressure

Sometimes sticking needle into others is a highly sensitive situation. For instance, if parents are observing how you are preparing their child to draw blood, in such situation you can feel pressure to do the task. By taking proper training you can become confident and perform well in any situation.


A phlebotomist has to take the care of the patients like respecting patients concern, learning practices, helping patients in getting blood results on time, and more. Your delay in work can make a huge difference in few situations, so you need to be conscious.

Additionally, you should have good data entry skills to record the patient’s history on computer database, observation skills, positive attitude, and team working skills. There are many institutions that offer phlebotomy course within your budget, choose the best one and visit today to build your career as a phlebotomist.