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Difference Between a Heavy-Duty and Commercial Stairlift

A stairlift is a straightforward piece of accessibility equipment made to make it safer for those with mobility issues to ascend and descend stairs. The chair, the engine, and the fixed track they travel along are the three main parts of a stairlift. A variety of staircase designs, including curved and outdoor staircases, can be accommodated using stairlifts.

Additionally, stairlifts come with various comfort and security features that make using your stairlift simpler and safer. The primary distinctions between the many stairlift firms may be found in these characteristics and in the calibre of the service offered, even though the fundamental design is rather constant.

Heavy Duty Stairlift

If weight capacity is a concern, you can find heavy-duty stairlifts in Warwick. Many individuals find this a crucial issue. If you have more than one staircase, it’s generally best to place the stairlift on a straight-run staircase because straight stairlifts often have higher weight capacities than curved versions.

If you’re concerned about weight capacity, simply ask the question. Sellers can advise you on which stairlift manufacturers produce systems that offer larger weight capacities and help you find the best model for your needs.

Commercial Stairlifts

While home stairlifts account for most installations globally, many businesses and public buildings have chosen to install stairlifts to make the stairs safer for customers, employees, and visitors. Ensure your commercial stairlift conforms to all applicable local and state construction requirements. To do this, the stairlift provider must contact your local building inspector.