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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Sports Floor

Walking into a court that squeaks and glistens is so inviting. You want to spend most of your time here, playing, sweating, and burning calories. Your sports court will look just perfect when you make an effort to keep it in its best condition.

If you are in charge of a basketball floor, you must ensure it is well maintained to serve you for long. What should you do to maintain your court or floor?

  1. Preventive maintenance 

Your sports flooring manufacturer will always advise that you stick to a preventive mechanism if you want your basketball floor to remain stable for the longest time. If you have a gym floor, access to the gym should be restricted from the outside.

This way, you reduce the risk of debris and dirt entering and wearing the sports floor surface. You must buy barrier matting for all the external doors to give your sports floor a mirror look.

Restrict footwear to gum or rubber shoes to avoid marking on the floor. When using the sports floor for other activities like assemblies and exams, you should ensure that felt pads are used.

  1. Use a cleaning solution 

Use a clean solution with a neutral PH to wet clean the sports floor. This way, you will avoid using a cleaning solution that will soften the floor’s surface and diminish the shine and its ability to resist abrasion.

Most neutral cleaners will come in a concentrate. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dilute the solution and use it properly.

  1. Sweep the floor regularly 

Another tip to keep your sports floor shining for long is to sweep the floor regularly to remove or control the debris that settles on it.

Collect and remove all the debris and dust that settle on the floor using a non-treated mop. A synthetic dust mop is a good option if you want to sweep your floor before any intense wet cleaning.

  1. Clean the floor to remove debris 

If you want to keep your sports floor glittering all day, you should think of cleaning it. You can clean your floor by misting the cleaning solution on a mop or spraying it directly on the floor.

Use a microfiber cloth to remove the debris and dust on the floor. If you can access a swing arm or auto scrubber, you can use it for mechanical cleaning. This will help you keep ahead of the tough stains and make your floor sparkle all the time.

  1. Plan for annual maintenance 

The only way to add more life to your sports floor is to have scheduled yearly maintenance in place. Adopt a schedule to scrub and reseal all the wearing spots on the sports floor.

This routine maintenance will help you keep your sports floor in the right shape to be comfortable whenever you are walking to the gym for some workout.

If you want to keep your sports floor in perfect shape, you should get the right cleaning supplies. Clean the floor daily and have scheduled annual maintenance to repair and fix all the worn-out parts of the floor.